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Novel Report 2 - Mark Moeller Period 4 2nd Novel Report 1...

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Mark Moeller 4/10/07 Period 4 2 nd Novel Report . 1. Title, author’s name, date published. And number of pages. Type the title of the previous novel(s) that you read for this project. Whip Hand , Dick Francis, Published in 1979, 292 pages. Previous book was Straight . 2. Novel genre (fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, etc.) Mystery 3. Identify the setting of the novel and discuss the significance of the setting. The novel takes place in London and several suburbs as well as racetracks during present time (1979 when the book was written). The setting is significant because it allows Sid to travel to many towns and tracks around London to broaden the scope of recourses an d people he can use. The racetrack setting fits in with the theme of all of Francis’ books and is a central core of the plot in this book as well. The current date is important so that the reader knows that modern technology is available as well as laws and values in society. 4. Write a paragraph summary of the novel. Sid Halley is forced to retire as a jockey when his left hand is amputated and is now a P. I. . He receives similar callings to investigate suspicious activates of syndicates and horse tampering from Jockey Club officials and concerned owners. With such a good reputation as a P. I., Sid is manipulated and ambushed by different groups and doesn’t know who he can trust. Meanwhile his ex-wife has been scammed by a cleaver thief, and Sid must put aside his feuds while learning to understand her frustrations in order to catch the crook and prevent her from facing jail. Sid cleverly discovers that the person who originally called him to the job is responsible for the wrongdoings, and manages to catch him even after a brutal fight with two henchmen hired to kill him. 5. List and identify important characters in the novel. Sid Halley - Protagonist, ex-jockey forced to retire after the loss of his hand and is now a P. I. Jenny - Sid’s ex-wife who has been scammed by her new lover . Charles Rowland - Jenny’s father who has become very friendly with Sid over the years. Chico Barns - Sid’s close friend who assists in most cases. Nicholas Ashe - Jenny’s lover who ran a huge scam on her. Lucas Wainwright - Security chief of the Jockey Club who hires Sid to investigate syndicates at the track. Rosemary Casper - Horse owner’s wife who hires Sid to investigate possible tampering with her horses. Trevor Deansgate - Bookmaker who threatens to shoot Sid’s other hand if he doesn’t stop
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Novel Report 2 - Mark Moeller Period 4 2nd Novel Report 1...

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