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Robin Wood/Morgan le Fay summary The scene begins after Merlyn sends the Wart and Kay on a quest into the woods; however, it is officially referred to as Kay’s adventure. After a long journey through the woods, they stumble upon a tall, funny-talking man named Little John. He tells them about Robin Wood (known as Robin Hood back at the castle), and Kay and Wart are excited to find out that this is their quest. After the introduction to Robin Wood and his wife, Maid Marian, Robin Wood watches the two boys shoot arrows and judges their skill. He apparently decides that they are skilled enough to help them rescue the dog boy, Wat, and one of Robin’s men, named Friar Tuck. They need the help of Wart and Kay because only children can enter the castle of Morgan le Fay. Maid Marian fears for the boy’s safety, but eventually agrees. A group of Robin Wood’s men form and they plan their invasion of the castle. Robin Wood warns the boys to not eat anything while in the castle or they will be stuck there forever. With the plan laid out, Wart and Kay set off
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