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Pulling the sword from the stone summary The scene is sparked by the news from king Pellinore that Uther Pendragon has died. Outside of a church in London has appeared a sword stuck through an anvil in a stone. On the sword, inscribed words claim that whoever pulls the sword out, would become the rightful ruler of England. Because of this and other festivities also occurring, the whole group in Sir Ector’s castle decides to travel to London. Shortly after this announcement, Merlyn says that he will leave and no longer tutor the boys. He vanishes into a puff of smoke. The group stays at an inn, and in the morning, Kay gets up extra early in order to head down to the jousting grounds. While they all are heading to the tournament, Kay realizes that he has forgotten his sword back at the inn. He then sends the Wart back to retrieve it. The Wart, a bit upset over Kay bossing him around, is not able to get into the inn because it is locked to prevent robbery. He searches the streets for a bit until he comes upon the famous sword in the stone. The Wart, however, does not
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