The Lesson in the Moat

The Lesson in the Moat - lesson only The Wart has initial...

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Lesson in the Moat summary This is an important scene for later on in the book, because it proposes the ideas that the Wart will learn later on in his life. The scene starts when Merlyn delivers the dreadful news to the Wart that he will have to begin his lessons. The Wart however is somewhat optimistic that Merlyn will use his magic to make the lesson fun. As they cross the moat, the Wart looks down at the fish and say the he would want to be a fish. At this, Merlyn transforms the Wart into a fish for his first lesson. The Wart is very specific that he would like to be a trench fish because it is not as much of a killer as a pike, and braver than a roach fish. Merlyn agrees to come with the Wart for his first
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Unformatted text preview: lesson only. The Wart has initial difficulties learning how to swim, but eventually gets the hang of it. The two travel to a family of fish, where Merlyn heals a wounded fish. Then Merlyn takes the Wart to learn the lesson that brought them there. They approach a very large pike fish that is the king of the moat. They talk for some time as the pike fish begins to almost hypnotize the Wart. He is talking about absolute power and Wart should learn from this encounter that absolute power corrupts. The pike inches closer and closer until his mouth nearly touches Wart. The pike then opens his mouth, which breaks the Wart out of his trance, and he quickly escapes, missing being eaten by inches. 3...
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