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Assessment 1.1 Assessment 1.2 Worksheet 1.1: Which Outcomes are Most Important to You? Rank Prioritize these outcomes listing the most important one first 1 New potential for understanding yourself –Includes understanding physical abilities, cognitive (thinking) strengths, and emotional stability. 4 New abilities for problem solving and decision-making – Includes engaging in values development. 4 New perspective for innovating –Includes recognizing historic and contemporary processes of conceptualization and change, and developing global awareness. 5 New basis for productivity – Includes understanding group and organizational behavior, and the development and implementation of outcomes measurement. 7 New resources for leadership Includes understanding culture and developing social consciousness. Worksheet 1.2: What Learning Strengths Do You Already Have? Which learning activities are you now using? Which activities do you need to increase most? • Read widely No I need to increase this • Explore Web resources No I need to increase this • Listen and be open to new ideas No I need to increase this • Raise questions in face-to- face and Web dialog No I need to increase this • Accept feedback No I need to increase this • Reshape your ideas No I need to increase this • Innovate and experiment to test new assumptions No I need to increase this • Solve problems No I need to increase this • Unlearn No I need to increase this • Teach No I need to increase this • Follow your intuition No I need to increase this • Review and re.ect No I need to increase this • Seek renewal constantly No I need to increase this
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Assessment 1.3 Worksheet 1.4: Contexts that Motivate You to Learn Context That Motivates Learning Weak Motivator Moderate Motivator Strong Motivator Very Strong Motivator Practical Context I need to know in order to cope with things I face. Personal Context
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