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Final Narrative Essay Draft

Final Narrative Essay Draft - Final Narrative Essay 1 1...

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Final Narrative Essay 1 1 Final Narrative Essay Earlwood Armstrong ENG/121 Kathy Connor January 9 th , 2012
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Final Narrative Essay 2 Final Narrative Essay Draft You can teach old dog new tricks, I am living proof of that. Returning to school has not really been an easy decision with all of the tension in my life, especially in the last recent years. The men in my family usually end up in one of two places, in jail or dead. I realized late in life that I didn’t want to end up in either direction. Early in life, I have encountered many problems within school to where I had to struggle. Struggling in school was too much of a problem for me as it is because of my dyslexia, which was not properly diagnosed until I was an adult. My dyslexia has been a burden on me through my academic career. As a child struggling in a normal class in fourth grade is a hard task to complete. I barely made it through high school with a juvenile attitude towards graduation. During my early childhood; my school and home life were hectic to say the least. I come from a big family; my mother had six children, four girls and two boys. Coming from such a large family, usually at least one or two kids get overlooked because of the family’s size. It didn’t help matters that my parents had a semi dysfunctional relationship with each other. My father came in and out of our lives like a revolving door but that did not bother me too much because he was always like that. I think that I struggled a bit as a father, myself because of the parental upbringing that I received from my own parents. They were good parents but they didn’t
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