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The Clusters - would prefer to keep to their selves rather...

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The Clusters The three traits that I have chosen are openness, extraversion, and agreeableness. Openness includes general appreciation and tolerance of an assortment of things. People that have this trait are creative and adventurous, which would be an advantage to some people. A disadvantage would be if a person is too open and trusting that he or she may trust the wrong person and end up in a bad situation because of their openness. Extraversion people are full of energy and optimism, and love being around other people, which would be an advantage to people that, pursues careers in politics. A disadvantage would be that sometimes people are so over confident that they make mistakes, which have dire consequences for other people as well as their selves. The opposite are introverted people, who
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Unformatted text preview: would prefer to keep to their selves rather than engage with the outside world. Agreeableness is people that are easy to get along with, kindhearted and supportive as well as trusting and sympathetic. People that have this trait tend to care about others and be benevolent, obliging, and willing to cooperate, which is an advantage to people that chose to work with people from various backgrounds. A disadvantage is that people that are extremely agreeable individuals may forfeit their own accomplishment to please others people. The opposite are disagreeable people who don't trust others and care more about their selves. They may be seen as cold, skeptical, and stubborn....
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