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William James - (This is a self-made portrait that William...

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(This is a self-made portrait that William James drew his self, I think that it would make a good clip art to use in our presentation.) The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook - William James ("William James biography," 2011) William James - possibly the most influential figure in the study of consciousness (you know that phrase, "stream of consciousness"? That's his). William James is widely regarded as America's greatest philosopher. He is also (with William Wundt) considered to be a father of modern psychology. He identified the following 4 basic perspectives on consciousness. He indicated that, consciousness is: 1) Always Changing - can't be held for study: "No state once gone can recur and be identical with what it was before." If that is the case, then how in the world do we study it? 2) A Personal Experience - you can try to tell me about your consciousness but I can never appreciate it or experience it.
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