12 Millikan's Experiment

12 Millikan's Experiment - 8 In what year did Millikan win...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 12. The Millikan Experiment Class: PHYS 2426 1. The cathode ray tube eventually was eventually used for what entertainment device? Television 2. Who was the first person to split the atom? J.J. Thompson 3. What is the name of an individual unit of light? Photon 4. What did Millikan measure? Distances by the interferance of lightwaves. 5. What did Marconi develop? Radio telegraph system 6. What problem did Millikan have with using water droplets? Preciseness; with such powerful electric forces in the chamber, the water disappeared. Water evaporates 7. List the forces that acted on the falling drop of oil in Millikan’s apparatus: Gravity and viscosity.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. In what year did Millikan win the Nobel Prize? 1923 9. On what did Millikan write down his laboratory notebook? The time it took each drop to fall; how long it took to rise and fall, observing even one droplet for hours. Temperature and pressure of room; column of electric fields and times. Calculates velocities; finds logarithm. 10. In what way did Millikan use his scientific judgement? Not to his own bias; not finding results he wants to find. 11. True or False. Passion and prejudice are never very far from any scientific process. True 12. What belief is the central tenet in every scientists faith? Experiments can be repeated....
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