28. Static Electricity

28. Static Electricity - 7 What gives metals their special...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 28. Static Electricity Class: PHYS 2426 2P1 1. What is the cause of the electric force? Charge 2. What did Coulomb’s experiment reveal? Revealed the relation between charge and force 3. Why is an understanding of electricity essential to the study of matter? Matter itself is essentially electric in nature; neither can be understood without the other. 4. What is the nucleus made of? Protons and Neutrons 5. What is an ion? Give an example of an ion: Some have too many electrons or too few; these are called ions. Sodium and Chlorine Ions; bound together by the force of electricity. 6. List 3 properties common to metals: Malleable and ductile. Luster. Conductivity.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What gives metals their special properties? Conduction electrons. 8. Describe the function of a gold-leaf electroscope: When an electric charge is brought near the metal disc, the gold leaf moves away from the rod. Positive charge near the top attracts negative charges leaving the positive charges at the other end of the rod, the rod repels the leaf. 9. What natural phenomenon involves huge build-ups and releases of electric charge? Lightning 10. Describe charging by induction? Charging through contact; balancing the charges in an object on the outside and inside. 11. What compact device eventually replaced the electrostatic generators? The electric battery...
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28. Static Electricity - 7 What gives metals their special...

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