29. The Electric Field

29. The Electric Field - Electric motor 8 Faradays lines of...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 29. The Electric Field Class: PHYS 2426 2P1 1. The life of which physicist would have embarrassed even the most shameless novelist? Faraday 2. Describe Faraday’s dependence on mathematics: He had an intuition that got him to the core of every scientific problem, the idea of lines of constant electric force radiating everywhere throughout space. He actually had a poor understanding of mathematics. 3. What did Coulomb demonstrate? The electric force is inversely proportionate to the square root of the distance between the charges. 4. What striking similarity do the forces of gravity, electricity and magnetism share? Electricity and magnetism obey similar laws like the laws of gravitation. 5. What word means “flow” in Latin? Flux 6. What gas did Faraday liquefy? Chlorine 7. What device did Faraday invent that harnessed the power of electric current?
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Unformatted text preview: Electric motor 8. Faradays lines of force end on what kind of charges? Negative 9. Describe what is meant by electric flux? Represented by all the lines of force passing through any surface. 10. What is special about the electric field inside a conductor? forces the electrons to flow, until they pile up on the surface. The electric field in the conductor becomes 0. A closed surface inside the conductor has no flux through it. 11. What is a Faraday cage? Doesnt allow an electric to flow through. Any electric box that does this is called a Faraday cage. 12. Why do we continue to teach some theories that we no longer believe to be true? To provide basis for background information and build upon hypothetis....
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29. The Electric Field - Electric motor 8 Faradays lines of...

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