30. Capacitance and Potential

30. Capacitance and Potential - formed when patients walk...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 30. Capacitance and Potential Class: PHYS 2426 2P1 1. What did the Leyden jar store? Electricity 2. What individual feat were early electricians very proud of? Determining how to generate electric force 3. Who was the first person to publish on electric theory and electric force? Benjamin Franklin 4. Describe Franklin’s view of electric fluid: Electric force repels a positive test charge; an external force is needed to push the charge closer. 5. What invention made Franklin rich? Printing press 6. In what country was Franklin deeply admired? Europe 7. Why was Franklin called a Doctor? His writings on illnesses and such, he used electricity to diagnose, such as the static
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Unformatted text preview: formed when patients walk to and from his house. 8. What do we now see the electric atmosphere as? Electric field 9. What is special about the electric potential inside a metal? Its 0. 10. Define capacitance: Ability of a system to store an electric charge. 11. What did Franklin use to draw electricity from the sky? A metal rod. 12. What was the first capacitor? Key and kite string. 13. Why was the lightning rod such an important invention? We can now figure out how to force electrical charge and fields....
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30. Capacitance and Potential - formed when patients walk...

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