36 Vector Fields and Hydrodynamics

36 Vector Fields and Hydrodynamics - forms 6 What does the...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 36. Vector Fields and Hydrodynamics Class: PHYS 2426 1. What about the force of gravity embarrassed Isaac Newton? That a force could act upon something very far from it. (ie sun and earth) 2. Hydrodynamics involves the flow of Water ? 3. The creators of this video attempt to connect the link between humans and water to what popular theory? Evolution 4. Is it possible to see electric and magnetic fields? No, but possible to study their forms. 5. All vector fields obey equations describing their
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Unformatted text preview: forms ? 6. What does the word “flux” mean in Latin? Water flow 7. In water, how does the flux into a closed surface compare to the flux out? Flux out is always zero. 8. What is vortex flow? Any motion with closed streamlines. Mass of air has special kind of motion- circulation, which leads to a vortex. 9. How do magnetic and electric fields differ? Magnetic field’s circulate but never converge to a point. Electric fields radiate from point charges but never circulate....
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