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37 Electromagnetic Induction

37 Electromagnetic Induction - Magnetic field 8 What city...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 37. Electromagnetic Induction Class: PHYS 2426 1. Describe how the current moves in practically all modern electric generators: Using a magnet to make current go in a loop; move loop into magnet and back out again, back and forth and back and forth. 2. Who were masters at windmills? The Dutch 3. What coal powered engine replaced windmills? Electricity 4. Faraday sought to link together what two fundamental forces of nature? Magnetism and Electricity 5. Describe the world’s first electric motor: A device that kept twisting as it followed the magnetic field of a current. With this device, an electric current could produce physical work. 6. In what year did Faraday discover the connection between magnetism and electricity? 1831 7. Faraday found that changing what quantity through a circuit induced a current?
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Unformatted text preview: Magnetic field 8. What city did Thomas Edison strive to light up? New York 9. What scientist opposed Edison’s method of current flow to deliver electricity? Tesla 10. Explain Lenz’s Law? The flux created by the induced current always opposes the change in the external flux. 11. What is “self induction?” An electric current in any circuit creates a magnetic field which whenever it changes reduces a current in the same circuit that opposes it’s change. 12. How is it possible to make electric fields circulate? Changing the magnetic flux. 13. What does the demonstration involving the torroid illustrate? When a current is passed through those windings, the magnetic flux outside of a torroid is really equal to 0. There will be magnetic flux inside but no magnetic field outside....
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37 Electromagnetic Induction - Magnetic field 8 What city...

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