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42 The Lorentz Transformation

42 The Lorentz Transformation - One state of uniform motion...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 42. The Lorentz Transformation Class: PHYS 2426 1. What were the speediest vehicles in the time of Lorentz? Light 2. What was Fitzgerald’s explanation for the outcome of the Michelson-Morley experiment? Electron’s property; an electron will contract in the direction of motion- so the interferometer would contact in the direction of motion as well. 3. What is special about the way observers measure the speed of light? It is the same to all observers; speed of object depends on observer’s speed. 4. What basic principle was at the heart of Galileo’s law of inertia?
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Unformatted text preview: One state of uniform motion is as good as any other motion. 5. What does the Greek letter γ mean in relativity? Gamma 6. Does time speed up or slow down in a moving reference frame? Slow down 7. What are Einstein’s two fundamental postulates for his theory of relativity? Poincare’s relativity principle, the laws of physics are the same for all frames; the speed of light is the same for all observers (2 nd ) 8. What is a space-time diagram useful for visualizing? Events; visual differences in relation to motion. 9. Who was perhaps the last great classical physicist? Lorentz...
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