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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 49. The Atom Class: PHYS 2426 1. Upon what principle is mechanics based? Principle of intertia. 2. Bohr’s model of the atom resembled what system? Solar System 3. Bohr assumed atoms have orbits of what shape? Circular 4. What instruments are used to analyze light spectrums? Cathode Ray tube 5. What atomic particle did Thompson discover? Corpuscles (electrons) 6. What did Rutherford discover? Some alpha rays bounced off metal; all the positive charge of the atom had to be concentrated in the nucleus.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What force holds atoms together? Electricity. 8. What did Plancks theory state? Matter emitted only discrete amounts of radiation with energy proportional the speed of light. 9. Explain how an atom emits or absorbs light: As electrons move within an atom, it can allow for it to emit or absorb light. 10. List some of the key attributes of great scientists that cannot be taught. Formulation of a model/idea; theory; working out the consequences of the models of theory...
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