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52 The Quantum Mechanical Universe

52 The Quantum Mechanical Universe - Space-time itself is...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 52. The Quantum Mechanical Universe Class: PHYS 2426 1. What theory governs small scale phenomenon? The laws of quantum mechanics 2. What theory governs large scale phenomenon? Theory of relativity 3. What is the main goal of physics? To understand/find insight as to how one thing is connected to another, 4. Who first put the sun at the center of our solar system? Copernicus 5. Who grasped the concept of changing flux perhaps best of all? James Clerk Maxwell 6. What was Michelson’s interferometer designed to detect? The motion of the earth 7. What did Einstein conclude about space-time?
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Unformatted text preview: Space-time itself is curved - 8. Explain how quantum mechanics challenges the concept of cause-and-effect: A given cause doesn’t always produce the same effect 9. According to quantum mechanics, is the future of the universe predetermined? No 10. List 3 quantities that are always conserved: energy, momentum, and angular momentum 11. Explain why we no longer believe in the mechanical universe: The mechanical universe is dictated by precise, predictable mechanical laws. The quantum mechanical universe is unpredictable....
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