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Electric Battery 32 - No 8 Describe what happens when 2...

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THE MECHANICAL UNIVERSE Name: Mai Nguyen Video 32. The Electric Battery Class: PHYS 2426 2P1 1. Can a lemon battery be used to run an electric motor? Why or why not? No, it’s not a good enough battery. Although current runs out of the lemon, it doesn’t run out fast enough to run the motor. 2. The modern day version of a Lyden Jar is called what? Capacitor 3. What is an ion? atom missing one electron 4. What is special about the potential energy of an electron in a metal? it drops at the metals surface to a lower value the same everywhere inside the metal. 5. Define the “work function:” The amount of extra energy an electron would need to escape a metal. 6. On what animal did Galvani focus his studies of “animal electricity”? Frog 7. Had the electron been discovered in Volta’s day?
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Unformatted text preview: No 8. Describe what happens when 2 oppositely charged metals are placed in an electrolyte solution? The metal that has elxtra electrons attracs positive ions from solution; they can extract excess electrons from the metal. The other metal which lacks elecgrons, attracts negative ions., missing ions can be replaced. A new surge of electrons could flow because of the difference in their work functions. 9. What causes a battery to become “dead?” Chemicals are used up 10. What did Napoleon hail as the greatest invention of all time? Battery 11. What are the basic components of an electric battery? Electrodes, electrolyte, voltage. 12. In what profession were all of Volta’s brothers? Priests...
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Electric Battery 32 - No 8 Describe what happens when 2...

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