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Environmental Conservation Jan 25 th The Overwhelming Influence of Human Society on the Environment -Its important to not only understand how they will shape our future but also how past decisions have brought us to our current situation -Looking back to the recent past, we discover the extent to which human society has become a major force shaping ecology and physical systems (water, nutrient cycles, atmosphere) Walden: Historian perpective Acceleration of human impacts during “Anthropocene” (Steffen et al.) 1. Land degradation---soil erosion and loss of soil fertility 2. Industrial wastes-toxic waste, water/air pollution 3. Deterioration of planetary resources-global commons such as oceans and atmosphere 4. Loss of biodiversity 5. Overexploitation of the nonrenewable resources such as deep groundwater, minerals and oil What’s environmental conservation? -Proposed working definition: A change in the environment is viewed as undesirable,
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Unformatted text preview: leading to socially-organized changes in human activities to reduce human-induced environmental change. Environmental Conservation as a Social Process-A change in the environment is predicted or observed (environmental science, monitoring technologies) this change is viewed as undesirable by certain groups (economic costs and benefits, geography of exposure, non-economic valuation of change) socially-organized changes in human activities to reduce human-caused change (politics, implementation) Environmental Geography Approach-To develop effective conservation solutions we need to…-Understand the two-way casual relationship between biophysical and human society-Recognize that all environmental problems are produced and felt at “local” level —therefore, understand the relationship between activities in disparate places is crucial...
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