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Feb 3 -Approximately 10 percent of the world’s population lives in coastal areas within 9 meters of sea level -Island nations, and some countries with high population density, are very vulnerable (i.e. Bangladesh is losing 20 percent of is land area due to rising sea levels) Effects of Global Warming on the Tropics -Dry areas, farther from equator, will get drier and humid areas (closer to equator) will get wetter -Since mid 1960s there has been a shift in rainfall, drying trend of the climate Institutions and Environmental Conservation Environmental quality as a common good Social Roots of environmental problems -Ignorance, hubris, inertia, waste, mismangement, greed… -Different valuing of the environment-what is viewed as a problem is not accepted by other -Poverty and constraints to changes in human behavior… -*Mismatch between individual interests and the social good Working at the interface between individual interests and the social good… -Institutions: Organizations, rule, norms, modes of management, governance
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