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Feb 6 Incentives to change behavior (i.e. carbon credits) -Buying carbon credits, and money goes to reducing gas emissions -Reducing credits by funding forestation -Advantages 1. Facilitates reduction of greenhouse gases at lowest economic cost 2. Can be seen as North-South compromise-provides funding to developing countries where most cost-effective reductions can occur (Money flows to developing countries to reduce greenhouse gases at lowest cost) -Disadvantages 1. Are these produces changes or are these subsides for activities that are
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Unformatted text preview: already occurring? 2. Certification and compliance monitoring (monitoring problems) 3. Incentives to replace biodiverse forests w carbon farms?-REDD- under UN Framework Convention to Climate Change- provide payments to governments, community groups in developing countries that property manage standing forests-Concern: Local communities may lost their forest rights to government and/or private institutions due to: The complexity of required monitoring and the new financial benefits from natural forest...
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