Notes 9 - Feb 20 *Exam covers first four weeks of class, so...

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Feb 20 * Exam covers first four weeks of class, so not covering this week of class -Not on Exam The Environmental (Regulatory) Decade 1. Rachel Carson-early influential thinker behind modern environmentalism 2. Upsurge of environmental concern/activism in 1960s and 70s 3. Environmental legislation to protect natural areas, habitat and biodiversity 4. Endangered Species Act of 1973 Rachel Carson -Marine Biologist and Nature Writer -Silent Spring (1962): book pointing to the perils of chemical pollution particularly pesticides and the potential of bioaccumulation-small of amounts of persistent chemicals accumulating to toxic levels up the food chain (reside within tissues of living organisms, concentrations of these chemicals will increase as you move up food chain. Predators most vulnerable because eating bodies of prey). -Very much persuasively publicized the growing fears of scientists about chemical pollution -Incorporation of ecological reasoning (looking at systems) -Hidden hazards (chemicals, radiation…etc) -Articulation of a more cautionary principle and limits to technological development (we should study chemicals before we allow them to be released into the environment) From Conservation to Environmentalism (Hays article) Conservation movement : Reducing waste, etc. Environmentalism : Reduce management, preservation and issues of pollution and public health (with obvious tensions) -Increased mobility of American public-use of public lands for recreation and scrutiny of their (mis)management -Growing understanding and embrace of ecology-complex environmental response to
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Notes 9 - Feb 20 *Exam covers first four weeks of class, so...

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