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Readings (Week 1) -Worster: The Nature we have Lost -In this year, there are over a thousand species on the endangered list, and many more are threatened -Before contact, native people were on a largely undomesticated landscape. Not less than 2% of lower 48 states is wilderness -Forces such as demography, technology and energy destroy the wild 1. Immigration: Most densely settled in US than anywhere else 2. Technology: Mass production/consumption. Automobile is most common/potent technological force for destruction 3. Rise of fossil fuels: Altered ecological conditions of the continent -Energy, coal, oil, natural gas -But MOST profound causes of environmental change is white man’s culture - Themes in Americas image of itself: 1. North America’s nature is complete, eternal and morally perfect order (order cant be disrupted, abundant). Therefore, we use and assume nature will take care of itself. 2. America is a mirror of that perfect garden of nature and is benevolent
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