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Readings (Week 2) -Hoekstra: Confronting a biome crisis -Loss of species is great concern -Need to look beyond “hotspots,” and looking at entire at-risk ecosystems -Biodiversity and ecosystem services are at greatest risk due to disparities in extent of habitat loss and protection (humans converting natural habitats) -Habitat loss most extensive in tropical dry forests, temperate broadleaf/mixed forests, temperate grasslands and savannas, and Mediterranean forests, woodlands and scrub. -Tundra and boreal forest biomes intact -Greatest-risk biomes: temperate grasslands and savannas & Mediterranean forest, woodlands and scrub -Crisis ecoregions on every continent -By improving degree and distribution of habitat protection both within and among biomes and ecoregions, we will capture greatest breadth of ecological diversity of both species and ecosystems Ellison/Daily: Making Conservation Profitable - Con Ex: Conservation Exchange -“Shares” in services of nature could be bought/sold “Carbon credits” would reap revenues depending on forests’ capacity to suck
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