Notes 15 - Readings(Week 3 White Are you an...

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Readings (Week 3) White: Are you an Environmentalist? Or do you work for a living? -Environmentalists take one of two problematic positions on work 1. Equate productive work in nature with destruction 2. Certain kinds of archaic work provides a way of knowing nature -Modern environmentalism lacks an adequate consideration of this work. They have come to associate work (esp blue collar work) with degradation -White thinks that environmentalists must come to terms with work because a. Its effects are so widespread b. Work is fundamental way of knowing nature and perhaps our deepest way of knowing world -Work is more intimate with nature than play -2 convictions shared by Americans: a. Original human relation with nature was one of leisure i. Argues against this (i.e. Lewis and Clark) b. Machines detach humans from nature ii. But archaic work isn’t the best for land, either-creates knowledge but not necessarily protection - Main Point: Environmentalists need to come to terms with ALL WORK (including modern work) Pollan: Idea of a Garden
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Notes 15 - Readings(Week 3 White Are you an...

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