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Andrew Brown Student ID# C02234882 Argumentative Essay 5/7/11 The Irresponsibility’s of Habitat Alteration Or The Irresponsibility of Redirecting Nature There are many views considering the environment that are debated constantly around the world. One of the major issues it that of building dams on rivers which have been set aside as “wild rivers”. Many people are against disrupting nature’s natural course, while others are in favor of altering the environment by constructing dams. The primary purpose for dams being built is to provide irrigation for farmland and hydropower for powering electrical devices. Dams also are built to provide services like water supply, flood control, and recreational activities. Dams are able to provide some benefits but they also inhibit the seasonal migrations of fish, block sediment flow, and cause the displacement of people’s homes. Dams submerge rivers and streams, block fish migrations, and reduce or eliminate downstream water flows that are essential for trout and steelhead survival ( Knight). Hydropower plants are built on rivers, using water to create electricity by diverting a river from its natural path. Dams are also constructing to raise natural water levels on rivers, creating the drop necessary to enable conditions ideal for making electricity. In some cases, water spilled from high dams may become supersaturated with nitrogen gas and cause gas-bubble disease in aquatic organisms inhabiting the tailwaters below the hydropower plant (U.S. Department of Energy). Dams also block the necessary upstream migratory movements of salmon and
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Argumentative Essay - Andrew Brown Student ID# C02234882...

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