art final exam with answers

art final exam with answers - 1.Which kind of art must...

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1. Which kind of art must communicate EXCLUSIVELY through formal means such as line, shape, color, and texture? realist nonrepresentational SURE abstract intuitive 2. The tendency to emphasize physical processes, for example, visible brushstrokes or chisel marks, is a characteristic of modernism. SURE formalism. Analytic Cubism. Surrealism. 3. What is the title of Grant Wood's American classic of an Iowa farmer and his daughter? American Landscape American Gothic SURE Spring Showers The Joy of Life 4. Which group would be most likely to use dream analysis, free association, automatic writing, word games, and hypnotic trances? Dada Futurism De Stijl Surrealism SURE 5. What did Mondrian eliminate in his work? color straight lines representational elements SURE anything feminine 6. What did Duchamp call found objects, that is, ordinary manufactured items? readymades SURE collage Suprematism Prouns 7. Les Fauves means
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the bridge. wild beasts. SURE blue rider. hobbyhorse. 8. Die Brücke means the bridge. SURE wild beasts. blue rider. hobbyhorse. 9. Which art movement was the invention of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque? Orphism Fauvism Cubism SURE Futurism 10. In which category is the work of Frida Kahlo generally placed (even though she herself thought it was an uncomfortable fit)? Mexican mural movement Harlem Renaissance American Scene Painting Surrealism SURE 11. What was the movement of African-American writers, artists, and musicians that explored black experience and identity? Precisionists Harlem Renaissance SURE New Realists Regionalists 12. According to Maya Ying Lin, what was an important point of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial? to see yourself reflected in the names
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art final exam with answers - 1.Which kind of art must...

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