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Andrew Brown Student ID# C02234882 ENGL-C102-003 Causal Essay 1 Nov. 2011 The Negative Effects of Meat As a nation we like our meat. We enjoy steaks on the grill, barbequed ribs, fried chicken, and fast food. What most people never consider, however, is the negative effect that meat has on us. Of course most people are aware of the deleterious ramifications of eating meat, but there are also environmental concerns regarding the raising of livestock and the production of meat for human consumption. Eating meat not only negatively impacts humans physiologically and causes health detriments; it also causes harmful effects to the environment in the form of lost land, pollution and absorption of valuable natural resources. Physicians, nutritionists and other healthcare providers for years have denounced the practice of eating meat as being adverse to good health. This is not to implore people to remove meat from the diet entirely, but to be aware of the effects that a meat-based diet can have on health, and to be cognizant of the proportion of meat that takes up the typical American meal. The effects of meat on human physiology are well documented as are the results of large consumptions of meat on human health. Meat is high in fat, particularly saturated fat, which is known to directly affect the function of the cardiovascular system. Fat deposits build up in the system and can cause narrowing, or stenosis, of the arteries which precludes blood from flowing normally. This constriction can, in turn, lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, and high cholesterol (Ochel). Meat also contains a wealth of calories, and, if eaten excessively, can contribute to weight gain. Obesity is one of the nation’s greatest nutritional and social concerns and
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Andrew Brown Student ID# C02234882 ENGL-C102-003 Causal Essay 1 Nov. 2011 more people, adults as well as children, are considered obese than during any other time in the nation’s history. Meat also creates adverse health effects on the gastrointestinal system and is associated with an increased chance of contracting colon cancer. Because the proteins in meat are difficult to digest, meat stays in the digestive tract longer than grains or vegetables, providing it with an opportunity to produce carcinogenic compounds and damage the lining of the intestinal wall. Meat produces other carcinogens as well. When meat is cooked, particularly at high heats such as during grilling or though
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Causal Essay - Andrew Brown - Andrew Brown Student ID#...

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