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Compare and contrast rough Draft - Brown 1 Andrew Brown...

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Andrew Brown Compare/Contrast Essay 1 March 2011 Factors in the United States Constitution and the Government The framers of the United States Constitution did not necessarily want a centralized form of government that would rule over all of America’s borders. The writers wanted to ensure insure that individual states had a certain degree of sovereignty that would allow them to govern themselves within the common law. In addition, the framers set up a level of government that would ensure that the three branches of the federal government, the executive, the legislative and the judicial, could not usurp the power of the other two. However, the Constitution was designed to be accommodating, yet by implementing a system of checks and balances, the framers ensured that the Constitution provided a stabilized form of government. The founding fathers set up provisions for each state to govern its own people so that a national government could not overthrow the laws provided for in each state. Thus, the Constitution establishes who holds power within society and measures how that power is to be used (Edwards, Wattenburg & Lineberry). The plan was first initiated in the Articles of Confederation, which is the precursor to was prior to the Constitution. The Articles provided for a government overseen by the states in order to prevent a national government from taking over, much as the British monarchy had. But the Articles threatened property rights, so James Madison proposed a model that would reconcile the feared minority and majority factions that could have threatened the form of government. Madison’s model provided that three levels of government exist to provide a
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Compare and contrast rough Draft - Brown 1 Andrew Brown...

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