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After I finished reading chapter 1 in the English textbook, I was able to conclude that everything is most definitely an argument. I had thought before reading that everything was an argument but was a little skeptical. After reading the different types of arguments that are around in the world today I was able to make the connections to arguments that I have heard. Making these connections helped me realize arguments surround me daily and how very apparent arguments can be. An Example of an argument is parents taking babies into movie theatres because they don’t want to pay for a baby sitter. One side of the argument is that it is hard to find a good babysitter and one that you can trust to watch your kids. It also saves parents money by not having to pay a baby sitter hourly to watch your kids. A much bigger majority will agree with the argument that a movie theatre is no place for a parent to bring a baby. Powerful sound systems are not good for babies’ fragile ears and people in the theatre don’t want to hear a baby crying while trying to
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Unformatted text preview: enjoy a good movie. Another example of an argument is a persuasive argument. Several computer companies have commercials on TV designed to convince you that their product is superior and anything else is inferior technology. Clever marketing can be extremely persuasive in leading you to buy a certain brand over another brand. Persuasive arguments are used in most all TV commercials and if used effectively have a tremendous effect on the viewer’s buying decisions. Knowing how to utilize these persuasive techniques can also be helpful in your career advancement and personal life. There are so many different arguments around us every day and once you recognize them it can be very interesting when you make the connections. We make a lot of these arguments on a day to day basis whether we are at work or out on the town. Everything is an argument even though sometimes we may not realize it at the time; you will probably make the connection later if you think about it more....
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