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Newspaper response to chapter 2 db

Newspaper response to chapter 2 db - Newspaper response to...

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Newspaper response to chapter 2 Article link: www.thefreelibrary.com/SCOUT+LEADERS+KILL+BEAR+WITH+ROCKS+IN+YOSEMITE' S+HIGH+COUNTRY.-a083959973 SCOUT LEADERS KILL BEAR WITH ROCKS IN YOSEMITE'S HIGH COUNTRY. The article I choose to read was about a man who defended himself and a Boy Scout troop from a black bear while camping in Yosemite National Forest. The Scout Leader Ron Roach and his troop were on a camping trip when they were confronted by a 100 pound one year old black bear. Ron reacted first by making a lot of noise and throwing rocks at the bear to try and scare it away. The bear was not frightened by the noise or rocks though and starting to curiously approach the troop. Ron Roach had to make a decision to protect himself and his troop by throwing a rock that struck the bear in the head. The bear was knocked unconscious and Ron decided that the incident should be reported to the wildlife ranger an. The wildlife officer slapped Ron Roach with a huge fine and court date with possible jail time. Ron was shocked that his actions were
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