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Story 3 Response Focusing on chapter 2, look at arguments that change our emotional states and respond to the essay on page 676 called "Study Finds Teenagers' Internet Socializing Isn't Such a Bad Thing." Write a response that details the essay's use of emotional appeal and your response The article uses emotional arguments to reinforce the idea that teens spending time online is not such a bad thing after all. Many parents worry about the internet being dangerous for their children and don’t actually think about all the beneficial factors the internet can provide to children. When children are actively using the internet they are learning how to use technology which will help them succeed later in life. We live in a society surrounded by technology and it’s of great importance to be familiar and comfortable with using the latest technologies. The author chooses to use emotional appeals to persuade readers into understanding the importance of children using the internet. Although the internet can be a great place to learn I don’t really agree
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