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Story 4 Response db - Story 4 Response Continuing your role...

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Story 4 Response Continuing your role as a news reporter, look at some political comic strips that change our emotional state and write about the argument in the comic. Cartoon URL: http://politicalcartoons.com/cartoon/cdb0a702-9b15-4992-ab10- 5862dd3695c2.html The cartoon that I happened to find interesting and decided to write about makes fun of voter intimidation. The cartoon focuses in on Russia and clearly takes a shot at the government leaders for fixing elections and scaring people into voting for them. The cartoon shows a man at a voting boot trying to vote for the presidential candidate. The possible candidates are: Putin (shown at the very top), other candidate, and other candidate (shown at the very bottom). The pencil which is used to mark your voting choice is shown attached to a short chain so that it is only able to reach one candidate and you are forced to vote for Mr. Putin. There is humor in this because voter intimidation still occurs as of today but the cartoon puts voter intimidation strategies into a whole different perspective.
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