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Alexander Muhr 09/25/05 HIST-215 DAY1: - Average people were basically starving - Few people could tax; siphoned wealth - 1750 o 3 places where people could slowly gain wealth - Everyone in the world lived about the same - US is only place where population and wealth has increases since 1750 - RAPID CHANGES - Ameridians o Lived better on average o Had more equal ownership of property o No individual ownership o A sense of regional ownership o Relative prosperity from plentiful access to animals - MEAT - Europeans envied Ameridians because they could hunt – was a recreational sport in Europe reserved for nobility - Women do all the farming for Ameridians - Ameridians – clean water and HEAT - Difference – Europeans has Organized ARMIES and Discipline o Disease - Government funded Exploration Spain, Portugal o Expected a huge return and governing control o Royalty seized all the riches; poor still poor - British no funding - Jamestown Expedition big partnership with shares – a public company; raised funds with lotteries - King and Queen encouraged projects decided to build on TRADE - TRADE COMPETITON benefits citizens - MERCANTILISM – policy to promote a favorable balance of trade - US – Sugar, Tobacco - Colonies can trade with other colonies - Colonies can BUY from Mother Country! DAY2: - Capitalistic ideas don’t run well with Religion and Democracy - GLOBALIZATION – Spanish were the first - People 50 percent above living standard were EATING WELL! o Ameridians – high end of global median until 1650-1750 - British don’t pay attention to Colonies for 100 years maybe even 150 years; NA was marginal (OFF THE RADAR) - British did NOT pay the Governors they appointed Colonists paid them!! - Colonies were virtually INDEPENDENT since day ONE!! - 1770s War for KEEPING Independence
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Alexander Muhr 09/25/05 HIST-215 - Colonies supplied food to other colonies o Large producer of food for themselves and the world - British NAVIGATION ACTS o Certain goods had to go ONLY to GB (tobacco) NO Free Trade o All trade within empire had to be with GB o Colonies operate WORLDWIDE - Spain just bough from others; GB saw colonies as a huge market to sell their goods!! - By 1770 there are 2.5 MILLION in NA (GB had 8 million!) - Large part of GB exports are going to NA - French + Indian War WWI GB and France fought each other all over the WORLD - GB kept troops in Colonies to “Protect” them even without threat o Belatedly tried to exercise control over colonies!! o TOO LATE - GB had the most efficient tax system and were able to defeat much larger countries and richer countries o DEBT Mounting! Need relief and look to Colonies! - STAMP TAX GB wanted to start small but there was a BAD reaction in NA! -
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EXAM_1_Study - Alexander Muhr HIST-215 DAY1 Average people...

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