Chapter Eleven - Chapter Eleven Implementing Strategy...

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Chapter Eleven Implementing Strategy: Building Resource Capabilities and Structuring the Organization Principal Tasks and Characteristics of Strategy Implementation 1. Strategy implementer’s overriding objective is to Convert the strategic plan into action; Exert the leadership to get on with what needs to be done; Achieve the targeted strategic and financial results; 2. Implementing strategy Is primarily an operation-driven activity revolving around the management of people and business processes; Involves building and strengthening org’l resources, competencies and competitive capabilities; Installs information, communication, and operating systems that enable company personnel to better perform their strategic roles; Tests a manager’s ability to lead and direct org’l change, achieve continuous improvement in business processes, create a strategy-supportive corporate culture, and meet or beat performance targets. 3. What makes the task of strategy implementation so demanding is The wide sweep of managerial activities that have to be attended to; The many ways managers can process in tackling each strategy-implementing activity; The talent and skill it takes to get a variety of initiative launched and kept moving along; The resistance to change that has to be overcome. 4. Summary: Implementation Components: Building a capable organization; Allocating ample resources to strategy-related activities; Establishing best practices and mechanisms for continuous improvement; Installing support systems; Tying new rewards and incentives to strategic achievements; Shaping corporate culture; Exercising strategic leadership. 5. The best test of successful strategy implementation is a. Whether the internal firm structure is well–matched to the needs of strategy execution. b. Whether actual performance matches or exceeds the targets spelled out in the strategic plan. c.
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Chapter Eleven - Chapter Eleven Implementing Strategy...

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