LS23L Syllabus W12

LS23L Syllabus W12 - GENERAL INFORMATION CHEM 2211L Organic...

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LS23L Winter 2012 LS23L Syllabus Winter 2012 LS23L: I NTRODUCTION TO L ABORATORY S CIENTIFIC M ETHODOLOGY (2 CREDITS ) W INTER 2012 S YLLABUS This course is an introductory life sciences laboratory designed for undergraduate students. LS23L offers the opportunity to conduct wet-lab and cutting-edge bioinformatics laboratory experiments. This course has a one-hour online reading assignment/quiz and three hours of laboratory research each week (for a total of 4 hours per week). Undergraduate students will work in groups of three conducting experiments in the areas of physiology, metabolism, cell biology, molecular biology, genotyping and bioinformatics. This course is taken concurrently with the Life Science course “Introduction to Molecular Biology” (LS3). I NSTRUCTOR Gaston M.U. Pfluegl ( ) 2875 Slichter Hall (310) 794-4113 C OURSE A DMINISTRATOR Tracy Newman ( L ECTURE L AB M EETINGS Online Materials L ABORATORY R ESEARCH TWR (3 hour sections) YHS 2370, 2336, 2379 Consult the LS23L CCLE page for your exact laboratory classroom. Course website: Lab website: Online quizzes and resources: Week By Week Assignments: C OURSE R EQUIREMENTS Prerequisite: LS1. LS23L students must participate in one three-hour laboratory session per week. In addition, students are required to review online materials before laboratory and complete a quiz based on the laboratory manual. There will be an online multiple-choice final during finals week. Co-requisite: LS3. Concurrent enrollment in LS3, “Introduction to Molecular Biology”.
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LS23L Syllabus W12 - GENERAL INFORMATION CHEM 2211L Organic...

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