R05410401-Computer Networks[IIIECE&EIE]

R05410401-Computer Networks[IIIECE&EIE] - Code No:...

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Unformatted text preview: Code No: 37031 JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD R05 IV B.Tech. I Semester Supplementary Exams, May/June – 2009 COMPUTER NETWOKS (Common to ECE, EIE, BME, MCT, ETM) Time: 3 hours Max. Marks.80 Answer any Five questions All questions carry equal marks --- 1. a) What is the purpose of data modems? Describe the features of various types of data modems. b) Describe the OSI reference model. Explain the purpose of each layer. [8+8] 2. a) Write a brief note on Frame relay and X.25 networks. b) Write the features of various types of transmission media. [8+8] 3. a) Describe the significance of error detection and error correction mechanisms in data link layer. b) Discuss about BISYNC data link control protocol. [8+8] 4. Write a brief note on the following: a) IEEE 802.4 token bus standard b) ALOHA protocol. [16] 5. a) Describe the multicast routing algorithm. Explain its merits and limitations. b) Describe the significance of datagram approach in subnets. [ 8 + 8 ] 6. a) Describe about TCP protocol. b) Write a brief note on the transport layer. Explain the Connection establishment and connection release in transport layer. [8+8] 7. a) Describe the public key cryptography algorithm....
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R05410401-Computer Networks[IIIECE&EIE] - Code No:...

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