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504 Course Description - Spoken English Program -...

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Unformatted text preview: Spoken English Program - Instructor: EDU T&L 504 Office: Phone: Office Hours: E-mail. address: TEXTS AND MATERIALS Well Said, Grant, 3rd edition Small Talk, Graham Whaddaya Say, Weinstein 504 Course Materials are available on—line at esl.osu.edu. Choose the Spoken English Program’s home page and then choose Coursework and then 593, for these materials. I flashdrive with at least Zmegabytes of memory Some means of recording homework assignments and tutorials The tapes for Well Said, Small Talk, and the 504 Progress Tapes are available on—line with the % use of Real Audio at esl.osu.edu/s. Your instructor will give you information in class on how to access these audio materials. COURSE DESCRIPTION EDU T&L 504 (Basic Spoken English for International Graduate Teaching Assistants) is designed to improve the spoken English fluency, pronunciation, and aural comprehension of those teaching associates who are nonunative speakers of English. The curriculum covers four broad areas, with strong emphasis on the first two: ' Language - improving basic pronunciation through practice of segmental sounds, stress and intonation patterns, and common reduction patterns; developing fluency in the spoken language. ' Aural Comprehension - improving listening skills, with stress on understanding American English spoken at a normal rate of delivery. Public Speaking ~ communicating effectively in formal situations, through control of volume, eye contact, gestures, posture, and basic visual aids. Culture - developing an awareness of basic differences between American and the native culture, with attention to the American university system. COURSE POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS Grading Policy « This course is graded "S" or "U". An "S" reflects satisfactory attendance, participation, quiz grades, progress tapes, and preparation of assignments, as well as _ improvement in fluency, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and public speaking skills. . Improvement will 1oe determined by comparing your first videotaped presentation with your last videotaped presentation. An "S" grade in EDU T&L 504 will allow you to take the 504 Exit Test, which is an audio taped interview used to determine if you may advance to EDU T&L 504.5 or 505. Attendance — No more than five absences are permitted during the quarter (for a five—credit—hour course meeting daily). NOTE: Missing 15 minutes of class, either by arriving iate or leaving early, will be considered an absence. An absence report form wilt be sent to the Graduate School after five absences and you will receive a "U" grade for the course. An absence on a “video presentation day" should be avoided because there will be no make—ups. Missing a video presentation may result in a "U" grade in the course. if you should have to miss a class, please note that it is your responsibility to find out what assignments were made and what material was covered during your absence so you will be prepared when returning to class. If you should have to miss a tutorial, please notify your instructor in advance to reschedule; otherwise, tutorials wiil not be made up. Assignments u Ali of the following assignments will be graded S/U by your 504 instructor. 3 video presentations (Units I - HI) - self-evaluation of presentation I - peer evaluations of presentation I — HI 4 a forty~five minute tutorial with your instructor for each presentation 3 listening tests (104 Units I — III) 3 progress passage recordings (Units I —- III) 3 Small Talk tapes In an effort to provide more intensive and guided individualized pronunciation practice, this quarter's EDU T&L 504 course will require you to spend at least two hours a week listening to on—line materials on specified pronunciation exercises. The progress you make in this course is dependent on your active involvement and practice. Your work and progress will be monitored by your instructor through collected homework assignments, quizzes, and ionger individual tutorials. ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/23/2012 for the course EDU T&L 504 taught by Professor Amy during the Spring '12 term at Ohio State.

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504 Course Description - Spoken English Program -...

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