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Unformatted text preview: filfififikmflgfiflé One very helpfnl way to link sentences of the paragraph is to use some standard phrases and adverbs that are called transitions because they act as a bridge between ideas. These signal words themselves do not express ideas, facts, or details, but they are very important signals as to what is coming next. Being able to recognize signal words will improve your reading as well as”your note taking. TO INTRODUCE AN ILLUSTRATION for example for instance to illustrate as an example specifically such as here are some TO ADD ANOTHER AS9ECT besides again. next in the first place in addition second finally also furthermore and another moreover for one thing last of all likewise the third reason ' as well as T0 POINT OUT A CONTRAST conversely otherwise in contrast on the other hand instead still meanwhile despite this just the same .but however yet nevertheless pros and cons on the contrary even though although other than differs from draw a distinction' TO INDICATE A CONCLUSION OR RESULT in conclusion to sum up as a result in other words in short accordingly thus clearly if...then consequently so therefore obviously finally hence in summary ' TO INDICATE A TIME at the same time nowadays up to now so fare from then on until then today before after formerly prior meanwhile subsequently earlier than following next These words will help you to determine what type of paragraph you are reading as well as the main idea. You will receive ’signals’ that will help you determine whether‘the information is an example, an added piece of information, a comparison. a listing or series of events, or a conclusion. The presence of these signal words.will help you decide which information is detail and which information is the main idea. Signal words such as 'in the first place,’ 'in the second place,’ 'a common cause,' ’another cause,’ make it possible for you to spot important subpoints quickly and easily. Although not all writers provide such signals, often you can identify subpoints through a simple listing of them. Unit II Transitional Words and Phrases 1. Adding a point or piece of information i , . and, also, in addition, moreover, furthermore, first/second/third/tinally 2. Making an exception or contrasting point but, however, nevertheless, on the otherhand, yet still, on the contrary, in spite of 3. Giving a general example some, sometimes, certain, on certain occasions, often many times, in some cases, in a few instances, other, in other instances 4. Giving specific examples or illustrations for example, for instance, as an illustration, in particular, to illustrate, such as 5. Clarifu'gg a point in other words, that is, in efi'ect, put simply, briefly stated 6. Conceding a point to the opposing side granted that, it may be true that, even though, although 7. Indicating place, time or importance . PIace: above, beside, beyond, to the right/left, below, around Trina: Formerly, earlier, inthe past, before, at present, now, today, these days, tomorrow, in the future, next, later on, later - Importance foremost, most important, more importantly, especially, of less importance, of least importance, primary, secondary, secondarily 8. Indicating the stages in an argument or process initially, at the outset, to begin with, first, first of all, up to now, so far, second, thus far, next, alter, finally, last of all 9. Giving a result as a result, consequently, accordingly, as a consequence, therefore, thus, then, for that reason 10. Summing up or restating the central point in sum, to sum up, in summary, to summarize, to conclude, in brief, as you can see, in short ...
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Transitional_Words_and_Phrases -...

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