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DQ 1 - What is IBP What are some of the tools an advertiser...

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What is IBP? What are some of the tools an advertiser has at his/her disposal? For your Main Post: · Describe IBP and explain the role it plays in advertising · Describe and explain five of the tools an advertiser uses. Integrated Brand Promotion is the process of using a variety of promotional tools for widespread brand exposure to build and maintain brand awareness, identity, and preference. Five different tools an advertiser uses are advertising, mass media, sales promotions, direct mailing, and internet. All of these tools allow a marketer to reach out to target customers in different way with different messages for exposure for a brand. Advertising is the promotion of a company’s products and services carried out primarily to drive sales of the products and services but also to build a brand identity and communicate changes or new product /services to the customers. Types of advertising would be sponsorships to celebrity advertising.
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