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After you have reviewed these two websites, let’s begin the discussion by having you first give a brief overview of your understanding of the historical timeline for advertising, and then share with us some of the things that you found interesting or unusual about the beginnings of this industry. Is there anything we can learn from the past that could be applied to advertising today, or does the past have nothing to do with how we currently promote products and services? Kristin: Technology offered alternatives to shouting the message of products to buyers. The printing press and paper are early examples of the technology. Advertisers and printers then
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Unformatted text preview: began to advertise through headlines and illustrations. In the twentieth century cinema and radio advertising took the new mass media to transmit messages to consumers. Procter & Gamble was the first company to actually understand the power of marketing. They believed in it so much and ended up spending $11,000 advertising Ivory Soap in 1882 which was a lot of money during that time. Procter & Gamble shows how well managed a company is by being a fortune 500 company. Reference Advertising . (2000-2010). Retrieved November 12, 2010, from Mediaknowall:
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