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Seminar Two Homework 1 Homework Assignment 1: High versus Low Involvement Some purchasing decisions are more involved than others. Identify three examples of products or services you consider highly involving. What makes these products more involving than other purchases? Involvement is the degree of apparent reliance and personal importance accompanying the choice of a certain product or service within a particular context want (O’Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2008 p. 159). Extended problem solving, limited problem solving, habit or variety seeking, and brand loyalty are four types of decision making. Extended problem solving and brand loyalty requires high involvement whereas limited problem solving and habit or variety
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Unformatted text preview: seeking is low involvement (O’Guinn et al., 2008, p. 160). Extended problem solving is the consumer problem-solving process working when unfamiliar, expensive, or uncommonly bought products. Buying a car, purchasing a home, and a college education are examples of highly involved products or services. Buyers use different criteria’s to evaluate brands and spend more time searching for information and deciding on the purchase. Low involvement products tend to be less expensive and have less related social risk for example toothpaste or grocery items. Reference O’Guinn, T., Allen, A., Semenik, R. (2008). Baker Online: mkt202 – advertising. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning....
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