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Seminar Two Homework 2 Due: Tuesday Points Possible: 25 Homework Assignment 2: Value Proposition Compose value proposition statements for Nike and Tide detergent. Each value proposition should crystallize what the brand offers to consumers and serve as a clear mission statement for all subsequent STP marketing efforts. Explain how you developed each value proposition statement and which factors you took into consideration. Value proposition is the he unique value a business offers to its customers. It's why your customers will want to do business with you. Nike Functional benefit: High technology shoe that will improve performance and provide comfort. Emotional benefit: The exhilaration of athletic performance excellent; feeling engaged, active and healthy. Self-expressive benefit: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
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Unformatted text preview: I took the organization of the product and kept in mind what the person experiencing the product would feel into consideration when developing a value proposition statement. The brand is more than their product. There are self-expressive benefits that come from wearing their products. Customer perceives themselves to be a type of athlete. Tide detergent Functional benefit: Keeps clothes cleaner and makes them last longer. Emotional benefit: Smart purchase because you don’t have to buy clothes that often By stating that tide detergent functions as keeping clothes cleaner and last longer you’re not going to have to purchase clothes so much. The tide detergent customer was informed of the product attributes and conscious of solving a specific problem...
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