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Seminar 3 Discussion 1 Due: Saturday Points Possible: 25 Discussion Thread 1: Advertising Research Visit the Bruzzone Research Company website at What types of research does BRC offer? Which types of research would be most helpful in your opinion? What are the drawbacks of each type of research? Kristin: Bruzzone Research Company offers different types of research that is affected by advertising. You can find research on tracking studies, pre-testing, post testing, copy testing, ad testing, copy research, ad tracking, and advertising research. BRC uses a series of investigative
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Unformatted text preview: measures to see if those who have been reached by advertising have actually been affected by that advertising. I think every type of research is useful in advertising. Media audience research is very important especially for the advertising agencies which are aimed to target the right audience and through the right ways. As all of the media messages are produced by keeping the target audience in mind and therefore, through media audience research it is assumed that you are fulfilling the aim to produce the right message....
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