Case Study latin america and catholic church

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Unformatted text preview: Case Study: Latin America and the Catholic Church In 1983, Pope John Paul II visited Nicaragua in response to word that a growing alliance between priests and Marxists revolutionaries was emerging in Latin America. Historically, the Catholic Church in Europe had taken a strong anti-communist stance. And so the emerging alliance troubled Pope John Paul II despite the fact that priests claimed they were simply doing what Christ would do in championing the interests of the poor. When news began spreading throughout Nicaragua that Pope John Paul II would be visiting, the reform minded Catholics of the country became hopeful that the pope would somehow lend his support to the revolutionary cause. The people understood that Pope John Paul II and the Catholic Church disfavored the Marxist principles underscoring Liberation Theology. But they were hopeful that he would at least offer some words of encouragement by voicing his support and compassion for the thousands of Nicaraguans who had suffered and died at the hands of the...
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