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Risk Management Plan Project Name: JD’S Place Project Summary: To open a restaurant that will be in the community and neighborhood for a very long time. Also to serve great food at a reasonable price and that will make you feel at home. Project Manager: Tonshea Swampter- Dye Date: 10/2/2011 A. Risk Identification 1. Protecting your restaurant from fire - detailing the steps you can take to minimize your exposure to fires caused through cooking, arson, electrical faults and smoking. 2. Protecting your premises from natural hazards - floods and water escape represent major business risks for restaurants. This section covers storm damage to premises as well. 3. Protecting your restaurant from crime - risk management for restaurants, cafés and take-away must cover burglary and include the possibility of theft from staff and customers. 4. Protecting your staff and customers from accidents - health and safety in restaurants needs to be of the highest standard to protect staff and customers. Simple procedures can
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Unformatted text preview: radically reduce your exposure to injury, accident and subsequent legal actions. 5. Understanding legislation that affects your business - food hygiene, employers' liability, disability discrimination and health and safety in restaurants are all relevant when you set-up and run a restaurant café or take-away. 6. Storage is very important because you have so much equipment and food. Getting these things in the right place is very crucial. 7. Kitchen is a risk in itself. So much going on and just paying attention and keeping focus. 8. Service delivery just giving the customer the best experience ever and retaining there business so they can tell others how great we are. 9. Clean up is very important because doing this will go along way in saying what type of restaurant we are. 10. This project must stay on schedule and be done in a safe manner....
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