nuisance and trespassing

nuisance and trespassing - To me this case was easy to...

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To me this case was easy to understand and decide for the judge. The landowner had to take responsibility as well does the dairy farmer and both of them should have had worked together and maybe this case wouldn’t even had to go to court. It just seemed this landowner didn’t understand the concept of living in the country and what that in tells. As for the dairy farmer she just got comfortable with the way things where and felt that this is the country and we do things different around here. I agree with the judge’s ruling because as she stated the dairy farm cannot do anything about the aroma coming from the farm and the landowner should of did more research before moving there. To me people usually do a real good job about doing all kinds of appraisals and getting to know the place they might be moving in. That is the fault of the landowners because it just didn’t start smelling like that over night. He should have known if you are moving to the country than there are animals out there. As for the run off during a very heavy rain, I do believe the farmer could do a better job of
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