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Persuasive Essay Some people believe that racism is still going on and some people could care less. Well in my opinion I believe that in some places there is still racism. I’ve seen a Caucasian man look at these Hispanic’s like they were less than them. I know a Caucasian girl that cannot date an African American or Hispanic male or of any other race. But they are not the only ones that do things like that. A Hispanic lady told me she can’t stand to see Caucasian’s because of what they did in the past to African American’s and Hispanic’s. But a man told her, “The people today are not like the ones were back in the day, and if they were anything like them we would all be in the same situation our family members were in back then.” African American’s are no different than everybody else they are just as bad. Most African Americans like to bring other races down because of what I don’t know. But they love to see people hurting or sad. I know a man and he’s in my family. When he drinks a lot he talk about
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Unformatted text preview: Caucasian’s on how they think they are better than everybody else. I mean we have biracial people everywhere and sometimes they hate one part of their race and don’t claim that side but at the end of the day they are still that race regardless. I love my race African American and Indian and I don’t just claim one side I claim it all. People now they are just so “dirty.” They will act like they like you but if you are somebody easy to target they are going to try and bring you down to there level. Yes it might still be going on in the world, but some people just think because somebody a particular race is racist means that they are the same way and that is wrong. And another thing people of a particular race look down on people that have less than them. But it’s sad because nobody should think or act like that but they do....
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