Changing Perspective Paper - The situation I chose that...

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The situation I chose that could be viewed differently by two people is where a woman is planning to have an abortion. This situation can very well be conceived in multiple different viewpoints, especially when it comes to religion, culture, and personal beliefs. There are those that believe it is immorally wrong to have an abortion and those who feel it is okay under certain circumstances. There are also woman that want to have children very badly, but are not able to due to medical reasons, so they find abortion to be unfathomable. If we look at a situation to where a woman has been trying to conceive for many years, and knows someone who is pregnant that has recently decided to have an abortion, the woman most likely will have indifferent feelings towards the other woman and her situation. If she found out that the woman was raped, or had a medical issue that could possibly cause death if she were to conceive, then the woman might look at the situation in a different light. Although it is
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certainly possible, that the woman who is not able to conceive might only continue to see things from her original point of view. It may be too difficult to ignore the empty void that she has inside, and not be able to understand how someone could end a life when she so strongly desires to give life. Whatever the situation may be, many people consider abortion to be murder, which I can totally understand why they might feel that way because it is an actual life that is being taken
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Changing Perspective Paper - The situation I chose that...

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