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FINAL_EXAM_Study - Alexander Muhr HIST-215 DAY 1 Henry Ford...

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Alexander Muhr 12/09/05 HIST-215 DAY 1: - Henry Ford o Early success based on design and production will come to a crisis if organizational structure was ignored o Contemptuous about structure and organization o 19 th C. person living in 20 th C. Empire Builder o Durant and Ford potential for building relatively inexpensive cars to millions of people o Durant ignored financing; Ford failed in sales area and organizational strategy (NO STRUCTURE) o SUCCESS – competition was WEAK! (easy pickings) o b. 1863 o Goal to build an affordable car so that people like his father (a farmer) could escape rural isolation of agriculture Make them ALL the SAME o Self trained ENGINEER – Detroit Edison Co. became chief engineer o At night he would tinker in his garage (1896 – first model) o Needed funds from investors partners did not want inexpensive cars o Used SPEED as advertising tool o Model N – 1903 – first successful car ( by this time he bought out partners; had TOTAL Control of the company) o
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